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Enterprise Security Sessions

TechMill Denton

Learn crucial information from enterprise security experts to keep yourself and your business protected. Do you have a strategy for protecting yourself and your business' data? Prevent unauthorized access, disruption, disclosure, and modification...

CTF: Game of Pwns - Hacking Westeros

Denton Information Security Meetup

Hack your way as a white walker through CastleBlack, over to Winterfell, through The Eyrie and on to the Red Keep. You’ll need a laptop with Kali and an Ethernet connection. Come learn how to hack in a pre-CTF training course on Pentesting...

Join the most successful free networking event in Denton

Denton Elite Networking powered by Rockstar Connect

Free tickets and more information on Eventbrite: Kelly Courtney (, the host of Denton Elite...

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