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Business & Breakfast - Weekly Networking
7-18-18 7:00 pm - Rudy's BBQ
Denton County Professionals Meetup

We meet every week! To keep everyone entertained, but also always learning we have a new 4 different themes per month. Bring a friend and some cards. Rising Sun is great for breakfast or just a latte. We hope to see you.

Business Before Breakfast Referral Networking
7-18-18 7:00 pm - Rudy's BBQ
Business Before Breakfast - BNI Denton

Please join us for "Business Before Breakfast" - a highly interactive and effective networking meeting where we exchange business referrals each week. We are laser-focused on finding one another solid referrals that result in CLOSED BUSINESS!...

BEST DFW REI Network Denton
7-18-18 7:00 pm - Rudy's BBQ
DFW REI Network Investing Meetup

If you have not heard Kim Stallings speak you will for sure be entertained.I really didn't think there was anything she could tell me about insurance that I was interested in. Boy was I wrong!! She is the most entertaining speaker and is a...

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